Leadership Support Services, LLC.

Leadership Support Services, LLC., was established to help individuals and organizations overcome their past, discover their potential, and embrace their future. The company was founded on the belief that growth and change are possible, regardless of the starting point. By clearly identifying strengths, managing weaknesses, overcoming negative thought patterns and behaviors, and developing a growth agenda, great results can be achieved.

Why Leadership Support Services, LLC. ?

  • You’re tired of the status quo.
  • You can’t “connect” with your employees or your boss.
  • You hate your job and the culture it promotes.
  • You’re called a “leader”, but you haven’t been able to lead anything and/or anyone.
  • You know that there’s a “right way”, but don’t know it, haven’t seen it, or can’t find it.
  • You need someone who will be COMPLETELY honest with you.
  • You need someone who isn’t intimidated by your status or your title.
  • You need someone who you can TRUST.
  • You just need someone who will LISTEN.
  • You need someone with book knowledge AND real-world experience.
  • You need to see RESULTS!


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership & Performance Advisor
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Guest Speaking
  • Clients Served by Leadership Support Services, LLC. 
    Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)                                               Ivy Tech Community College
    Do It Best Corp.                                                                                                                                  
    Wawasee Community School Corp.                                                                                   Sunshine Home Healthcare
    Ball State University
    Pathfinder Services
    Passages, Inc. 
    Power Clean Industrial Services
    Paragon Medical
    American Health Network
    Valbruna Stainless, Inc.                                                                                                           Wabash County YMCA                                                                                                           Lincoln Financial Services                                                                                                       Tobias Leadership Conference – guest presenter                                                                              …and others

Give me a call at 765-661-4478. I’d love to connect!

~ Jake


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