Wasted days and wasted nights!

I recently completed, “The Compound Effect”, by Darren Hardy.

The book is a great read and offers some valuable insights.

Here’s something to think about!

“It’s estimated that Americans (12 and older), spend 1,704 hours watching TV per year. That averages out to 4.7 HOURS per day. We’re spending almost 30 percent of our waking hours watching TV. Almost thirty-three hours per week – more than one whole day each week! It’s the equivalent of watching TV for two solid months out of every twelve! WOW! And people wonder why they can’t get ahead in life? (Hardy, p. 99)

How much time are you wasting each day? Each week? Have you read anything lately – something that will add value to your life or the life of others? (I’m not talking about some trashy romance novel!)

Have you listened to a good book on tape? How much PRODUCTIVE time have you spent on Facebook or Twitter? Have you done ANYTHING positive that will move your life forward?

Tomorrow is a new day. Perhaps it’s time for some new habits?

Let me know how you add value to your life and those around you!



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