The Final Frontier! (REPOST)

I posted this blog to another domain several months ago. I thought is was worth repeating.


No, I’m not talking about Star Trek! I’m talking about FORGIVENESS!

We hear the stories about forgiveness and how it’s good for us. It is, but that’s often hard to see. When someone pounds our character, challenges our integrity, hurts us intentionally, or is just plain rips our heart out, forgiveness is difficult, if not seemingly impossible. But Jake, you don’t understand what they did to me! Nope, and it’s none of my business. However, I DO know this. Forgiveness is a CHOICE. It’s not about forgetting what someone did to you, it’s about letting go of the control they continue to have over you. It’s not about taking them out to lunch, it’s about dumping the burden they’ve created and have caused you to carry. It’s not about being happy to see them, it’s about a peace that eventually replaces a desire for revenge. It’s about hating less and loving more! Those that hurt us the most are often the closest to us – a child, a spouse, a church leader, a parent. Man, that’s tough stuff!

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things I face. To be honest, a lifelong grudge is much easier for me! However, to be a more I have to become more and I’ve made great strides. It’s all about the journey.

Ah, where few people have gone before! I’m getting there. Are you?


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