Forward, Backward, or Sideways?

It’s been said that our life and/or career is moving forward, backward, or sideways. If we’re moving forward, the days are filled with progress and hope. If we’re moving backward; well, many people are familiar with the frustration, loss, and emptiness that comes with that territory.

I think the most dangerous of the three options is sideways. It’s deceiving. Through the eyes of others, we’re in high demand, popular, and successful (better to be significant!) However, we’re not making progress. From our perspective, we’re spinning our wheels and the trenches get deeper and deeper. We’re extremely busy, but we’re getting absolutely nowhere. At the end of the day, our souls are empty and we dread the next sunrise.          On the outside, we’ve made it. On the inside, we have no idea where to go or what to do. We only know that something needs to change.

If you realize that you’re moving sideways, reflect on your past. When were you the happiest and most content? At what point in your life did you feel like a “champion” and what went into that process? What are you NOT doing today that you were doing back then?

Answer those questions, honestly, and then decide what you want your new tomorrow to look like. Get up in the morning, dust off the cobwebs, and go for it!




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