Blood, sweat, and tears

It doesn’t matter how often you fail, and it doesn’t matter what other people think. Successful people fall down and get back up. If they fall down again, they’ll get back up – again, and again, and again! They’ll brush off the dirt, and well as the stain of public opinion, and keep going.

I meet a lot of people who want a “magic” financial pill! Ah, the “easy life”, or so they think. They want a life of luxury, relaxation, and influence. Most of them, however, aren’t even willing to put in a weeks worth of honest work.

Nothing is easy about gaining momentum. Constant effort is required. So is a teachable spirit, humility, and a healthy dose of courage.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be born into “old money”, you’re going to have to sacrifice. For the most part, it takes YEARS to accomplish anything significant. I’m talking blood, sweat, and tears – not to mention, a whole lot of time and energy.

Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. Are you willing to pay the price?


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