Back in time

Scottish Rite CathedralI

I had the opportunity to speak at this Historical Indianapolis building earlier today. Built in the 1920’s, The Scottish Rite Cathedral, presents the history of days gone by. A ballroom dance floor, beautiful windows, luxurious meeting rooms, etc.

I haven’t traveled much in my life, but felt like I was taken back in time. My how things have changed.

Sometimes I long for the past, even in my own life.

It’s not always easy to embrace the present, despite its value. However, we must do so. To deny the currency of the moment is to deny all its potential and all its blessings. Yes, we can take a tour and experience the past, but we can’t stay there. That can be harmful.

Embrace the past for what it was and what it used to represent. After that, move on and do what you can do, today, to create a legacy for someone to visit in their future. Maybe someone, some day, will admire what you’ve done!

Enjoy the journey!


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