The age of innocence.

I’ve spent the last two days in Grand Rapids, MI., visiting with my mother and step-father. I’ve also enjoyed visiting with two of my sisters, my niece, and my great-nephew, Mason, who is now five months old.

Mason is amazing. Such a good baby – happy, content, and smiling, always smiling. Everything that Mason viewed and/or observed through his young eyes appeared to bring him joy. No worries, no stress, no peer pressure, no obstacles, no need to prove anything or “be” someone – just the pleasure of life. Mason

If we could all live closer to the freedom of an innocent life, the world would be a better place.

It’s sad to think that the challenges of our troubled world will eventually remove most of Mason’s joy.

I hope not. However, adulthood has the tendency to do that!

Unless we fight it. I fight it!

Do you?



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