Money over everything?

I stopped by a popular Superstore on the way to class tonight. As I wandered around the clothing aisles, killing some time, I happened upon the tank top pictured below. For a moment, I stood there thinking, “Who in the world would wear that?”


Suddenly, I realized – a lot of people would. TOO MANY people!

I live and breathe the business world. If not there, I’m in a classroom teaching business principles. Unfortunately, far too many people live for the accumulation of one more dollar, and yes, money appears to be over everything – family, physical health, emotional well-being, character, and reputation.

Is it worth it? A new car, a mansion, a bigger television, some fancy clothes? Yes, money provides options and I need it as much as the next guy. I don’t work for fun, and I certainly don’t work for free. I work to make an honest living, provide for my family, and enjoy the remainder of my life.

Spend some, save some, give some away – the mantra keeps me from being a slave to my finances.

Money is important, but I’d rather have my health and some quality relationships – those things tend to last much longer and certainly offer a greater return!

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