I don’t remember that!

I traveled to Fort Wayne, IN., for a meeting this evening. On the way home, I aimed for the same route that I normally take, with one problem – I was approaching it from the opposite direction. Not a big deal for some, but being the directionally impaired individual that I am, it could have been a problem. Enter my GPS!

I found the road that I was looking for, but again, I was a bit confused. I had followed the GPS voice directions, and was sure that I was heading the right way. But then again, was I?

I didn’t recognize anything! Have you ever done that – traveled a road that you’ve been on, at least a hundred times, only to wonder where you are? Come on, I know that you have!

So, I finally recognize the Parkview Field lights and relax, knowing that I have my bearings.

As I reflected on my confusion, I realized something. I didn’t know where I was, at least initially, because I was traveling during daylight. I normally travel that route when my classes end, well after dark.

Life, and business, are a lot like that. We often travel in the darkness – of bias, prejudice, arrogance, pride, selfishness, greed, etc., – missing out things as they really are, or could be. If we’re not careful, we could even lose our way!

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