A brush with Country Music Fame!

I live about twenty minutes from an entertainment venue – big acts come in all the time; comedians, musicians, singers.

The YMCA that I attend is about a 5 minute walk from the concert venue. Literally.

So, I walk into the gym today and am approached by a front desk worker. “Do you know who Josh Turner is?”, she asked.

I responded, “Sure, I like his music”.

She responded, “Well, he’s here. He’s playing basketball with his band in the gym”.

Well, I’m not rude, but I’m not shy either. I met Arnold Schwarzenegger about ten years ago and realized something in the moment – he was just a man. Successful, yes, but just a man.

My wife is a fan of Josh Turner and so am I. With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to get a pic with him and send it to my wife. So, off to the BB court I go!

Josh was visible the moment that I opened the door. In fact, he was setting a screen for a band member. Not wanting to interrupt, I moved to the bleachers, fully intending to wait patiently for the appropriate moment. I quickly noticed that I was noticed. After all, there were only a few people in the gym. For a second, Josh stopped the game and asked me if I needed something.

“Well, I said. My wife is a big fan and so am I. Could I get a picture with you?”

“No” was his immediate response. “But I will sign something if you want me to”.

Not having anything in hand, I thanked him for acknowledging me and went about my business. I really hadn’t intended to disrupt his game and didn’t want to rob him of a well-deserved break from travel, etc. I also knew that he’d be performing later this evening.

I wasn’t offended. After all, I do understand the need for boundaries. If he took a picture with me, I’m sure that a long line would develop and he’d never finish his game. He could have been an ass, but he wasn’t:

A few observations:

  • Seemed like a decent guy – polite, not arrogant.
  • I thought he’d be bigger
  • I thought he’d look older (He looks like he’s about 20!)
  • Very DEEP voice – I thought mine was deep!
  • I’m not sure that I’d like the fame thing, even at a less than Hollywood level. I couldn’t imagine going somewhere, anywhere, only to have people recognize me. Always under scrutiny? Always concerned about liability? Always asked to give up my free time?        I don’t think I’d handle that well!

I suppose that we all deal with those issues on some level, but not in a “famous” sort-of-way.

Would I want to sing as well as he does? Certainly.

Would I want to be recognized as often as he is? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Well played, Mr. Turner.

Thanks for your time!

P.S. He’s the guy in blue, with his arms in the air. He obviously plays defense well, in more ways than one! 



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