In honor of those lost!

In honor of those lost

It’s hard to believe that twelve years have passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks! I remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing when, suddenly, video’s of the first plane crashing into a tower were aired on the Today Show.

I remember swiveling around in my chair to catch the news. I also remember how stunned I was. It was almost a disbelief – is this a joke? Perhaps an Orson Welles, The War of the Worlds, type of misunderstanding?

It wasn’t, and I remember how it changed us as individuals and as a nation.

I’d like to think that our country still respects the lives lost and our fighting spirit as we gathered, supported, and comforted each other through the unknown.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case.

I attended a baseball game recently and was surprised by how many individuals refused to remove their hats during the National Anthem. Others? Well, they didn’t even have the dignity or self-respect to silence their phones or their conversations!

I’m aware that our schools, at least some of them, are no longer requiring our children to stand for the pledge. In some cases, the pledge of allegiance isn’t even offered! That’s disturbing to me!

As for those that lead our country? Whether or not you agree with them is irrelevant. I’m not suggesting that you have to support their decisions, yet I am suggesting that some respect should be commonplace. The vile comments that I hear and/or read on the social media sites demonstrates little but the absolute deterioration of our society. Is there no civility left?

And finally, 9/11.

The tragedy of that day doesn’t seem to resonate as it once did. I think it should. I think is should be remembered, and I think we should appreciate the sacrifices made and the lives lost.

Just today, I heard someone say that 9/11 should be buried. I couldn’t believe it.

As comments were being made, I was on the Stairmaster. I had racked up 83 flights and was exhausted. I wasn’t wearing firefighter gear and I certainly wasn’t sacrificing my life. I was comfortable, cool, and safe – unlike those on that horrific day.

In honor of those lost – I salute you! All of you!

R.I.P and may those that survived your loss be blessed!

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