Miss America – give her a chance!

I opened Facebook to see the following post:

The crowning of the latest Miss America has stirred up the ugly side of social media.

As soon as Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, won the crown, Twitter lit up with comments suggesting she was an Arab, a foreigner, and a terrorist with ties to Al Qaeda. http://on.today.com/150enoh

I’d like to say that I’m surprised by the “news”, but I’m not!

Despite my optimistic personality, I’m convinced that ignorance and hatred are “alive and well” in America.

I didn’t watch the Miss America contest. I just doesn’t have much appeal these days. However, I do applaud the courage of each participant.

I don’t know who Nina Davuluri is, other than the plethora of reports that I expect to see.

So, why did I offer this post?

I believe that America can be better. I also believe that we’re in serious trouble. No, I’m not talking about our current President, the media, Congress, the Senate, or anything of the sort. I’m talking about US (you and me!) – a collective population that should demonstrate a greater humanity.

Morality can’t be regulated. I understand that. Neither can kindness, or empathy, or anything else that has to do with common decency. Oh, we can try. In fact, I think we do. However, until each one of us looks within and confronts the evil that lurks, we’ll never see the change that we hope for.

Miss America. A terrorist? I doubt it. In fact, the fact that she won the pageant means, at least in the eyes of many, that she has a unique selection of talents, poise, and beauty.

Perhaps she should be given a chance??? Maybe, just maybe, she’ll assume her new role with the integrity of character that so many in our society lack.

I bet she will!

I wish her the best!!



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