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Executive Coach, Leadership & Performance Advisor, Corporate Trainer, Speaker

This is my personal blog/website. I generally focus on leadership and personal growth. Every once in a while I’ll go on a rant about something that makes absolutely no sense to me. On occasion, I’ll write about resources that I find helpful.

My philosophy on life is simple. I don’t think enough people give a rip. I hope to change that by helping people and organizations become better at what they do and who they are. I can be a bit of a Contrarian, and think that a lot of what’s “acceptable” is dysfunctional. I’ve  been known to be a bit outspoken at times and will fight for what I think is right. I hate bullies of any age, shape, or size (there are too many in business!). I always root for the underdog. I believe in the power of kindness and Hope. I think material success is overrated. Life IS too short!

The goal of this blog is to add value to your life. I’ll always strive to create interesting, insightful, and relevant content that you can apply to your personal or professional life. I’ll often share personal stories – my life’s journey has been an interesting one and I believe that you can benefit from it. I also believe that you can learn from my mistakes. I’m not afraid to be transparent – I am who I am, and I’m sticking to it!

I typically post 2-3 days a week. To make sure that you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe to my blog via email. Just go to the opening page and look to the right, close to my picture and under Verified Services – you’ll see a slot for your email address.


I’m E. Jake Gamble. The “E” stands for Emery, my given name. I was named Emery, at birth, but have always been called “Jake” by my family and friends. I was named after a man that mentored my father during his formative years.  I understand that my namesake died in a car-train accident.

I was born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan and later moved to Indiana to attend college. I’ve been here for over thirty years now. I live in a rural community that I fondly refer to as “Mayberry”. There are about 150 homes. We have our own little Post Office, a small convenience store, an auto shop, and an inside/outside flea market.

I love my home. I own four acres and have woods about 50 yards from our large kitchen window. It’s peaceful and quiet. I can often look outside in the morning to see 4-5 deer within a few feet of our house. I sometimes see other animals as well. I once opened our back door to have a fawn nestled under our dryer vent. It’s cool stuff and a break from the grind.

I’ve been a business professor for over nineteen years and have owned my own business for about eight. I’ve taught over twenty business titles at the university level and even had an eight year stint, as a business professor, in the Indiana Prison system.

My company, Leadership Support Services, LLC.,  was established to help individuals and organizations overcome their past, discover their potential, and embrace their future.

In my free time, I enjoy powerlifting, reading, fishing, playing my guitar (da’ blues!), and hanging out around the house.

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