I am pleased to recommend Emery Jake Gamble’s services as a presenter. Mr. Gamble has presented to Ivy Tech Community College East Central Region faculty on two occasions over the Seven Laws of the Learner as part of the Associate Faculty Development Institute (regional faculty professional development program). His speaking engagements were well received and challenged faculty members to assess their role in the student learning process. These sessions were examples of Mr. Gamble’s ability to involve all attendees in the discussion in a manner that was respectful, interesting, and thoughtful.

Jeremy Brown

Asst. Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
East Central Region
Ivy Tech Community College


“Having Jake as our certified coach greatly inspired and motivated the leadership team by helping us identify the strengths that improve our teamwork”

Chris Sloan/ Director of Community Engagement

Wabash County YMCA – Wabash, IN.


I think the presentation was helpful for our group of students to take the concepts of leadership and group development and apply them forward in a practical setting. The straightforward and relaxed delivery made it easy for the students to connect to, and they mentioned after our field-based trip training that they appreciated the session and felt it was a strong benefit.

Thanks for helping our group take the next step forward!

Pat Langendorfer/Coordinator of Outdoor Pursuits

Office of Sports Facilities Management and Recreation Services

Ball State University


I met Jake while I was in the process of searching for a Supervisor / Manager development class for my operations team. Jake listened and discussed our wants and needs based on the timing and current level of knowledge for the group. He developed a leadership program which consisted of several different training aspects related to the daily roles and responsibilities of the team. Jake did an excellent job of communicating the course criteria and took the extra one on one time to ensure everyone understood the details. I would recommend Jake and his services to anyone who is wanting to advance the leadership skills of their organization

Rod Swann/Operations Manager

Powerclean Industrial Services

Fort Wayne, IN.


I became impressed with Jake’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when we first set up to partner with IPFW in developing/training/growing our leadership team. Over the course of over a year in actual training and growth opportunities, I became more enthralled seeing Jake in practice.

Jake has a unique ability to tell it like it is and be believable in convincing those being trained that the other side of the story really is credible. It is the unique instructor that someone doesn’t find boring or feels that their stories are off track; but Jake is that person. The ratings sheets showed universal high marks from all those being trained despite their unique cross functional vocation.

Jake’s style involves getting participation of the entire class not as a requirement but somehow he got them to want to share. These classes were all rather long, but the time always flew by; perhaps because of a belief that we were on the cusp of changing our culture.

Jake has the ability to create trust and relationships with those being trained and that enhanced the learning experience.

Tim Eastom, HSE

Valbruna Slater Steel, Inc.

Fort Wayne, IN.


Leadership Support Services has been a tremendous help to my Medical Practice. After a former business partnership dissolved and I started an independent practice, Mr. Gamble was hired to assist my business with the transition. His thoughts were insightful and realistic to implement, even in the midst of a building/staff transition. Mr. Gamble has offered both administrative coaching and presentations to my staff, both of which have produced results. I’d highly recommend Leadership Support Services for your professional needs. I will continue to utilize Mr. Gamble’s services, periodically, and would encourage you to contact him as well.

Dawn Lagerkvist, M.D.

American Health Network (formally known as Thrive Medical).

1105 N. Western Ave.


Jake presented two 3-hour training sessions, “Supervision: From Myth to Mastery” in mid-October 2012. The sessions went well and were well-received by participants seeking an overview of supervisory principles. Jake provided many personal examples to illustrate and demonstrate traits of a good supervisor. His sessions were well organized and delivered professionally. His broad background as a supervisor and trainer contributed to the success of these sessions.”
Top Qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Jarold Winans

Associate Director of Human Resources, Learning & Development at Ball State University


I have known Jake Gamble for a few years. He has shared his passion and continuous pursuit of leadership development as he has branched out to be a national consultant. He is an experienced facilitator of organizational development and leadership development college courses and seminars.

Jake brings a passion and contagious enthusiasm to his seminars and courses that is grounded in current knowledge base and best practice. He has a burning desire to connect with the heart of people in helping them to be personally transformed while fostering a culture of transformation in their departments of companies.

I applaud Jake for who he is and his vision for adding value to people and organizations.

Larry M. Lindsay, LeaderThink Author and Consultant

Chief of Staff, Indiana Wesleyan University


The Power of Personal Leadership, No Educator Left Behind: The Seven Laws of the Leader, and Speaking for a CHANGE are three presentations Jake Gamble facilitated that I had the opportunity to hear over the past four years. Not only have I gone away from Jake’s presentations with learning tips and new thinking around leadership, I’ve also felt inspired by his “real world” experience and application. Jake’s message”…there are no limits to what you can accomplish when you know who you are, what you want, and where you’re headed”come to life in the real examples from his life and from the people he has coached or led in the classroom or in workshops. Corporate leadership would be well served by bringing Jake into their organizations or participating in one of his many workshops or public seminars.

Jane Surges, Author “The Power is in The Connection”


Jake is passionate about helping leaders make positive change in their lives; something we both strongly believe in. His ideas and concepts for developing transformational strategies truly make him a strong contributor to any team. I enjoyed working with Jake, and hope to work with him again in the future. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking a strategic visionary to transform their leaders.

Thresette K. Briggs, SPHR

Organizational Development Officer

Performance 3


Leadership Support Services is just what our company needed to get back on track. Mr. Gamble’s approach to team-building was quickly embraced by management and staff, who had previously been struggling with morale. His suggestions were insightful and were realistic to implement. I’d recommend his services to any company going through a rough spot, or even if things are running smoothly. With Mr. Gamble’s help we have increased both productivity and morale.

Helen Moore/Executive Director – Marion, IN. & Wabash, IN.

American Health Network (formally known as Thrive Medical).



Committed is a quality that I respect in an business associate. Jake has demonstrated to me on numerous occasions that he will devote whatever effort is needed to bring endeavors to a beneficial conclusion. Many of these endeavors often seem like mountains that are not meant to climb. This does not hamper his enthusiasm. He finds the right path. It is a pleasure to work with Jake. 

Joe Sepkovich, M.Ed., SPHR (retired)


Interim Corporate Training Director

Continuing Studies

Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne


I have had the opportunity to work with Jake on several occasions through his leadership development work with IPFW Division of Continuing Studies.  Jake has led two separate six topic sessions for our organization’s leadership team focused on Leadership Development and done an outstanding job.  Jake works well to get to know the team and encourages discussion in each of the sessions.  Jake embodies servant leadership and his conversational lecture style allows for a lot of good interaction among the team.  He also offers key take aways and applications at the end of each of his sessions along with thought-provoking discussion topics to think about prior to the next session.

Jason Meyer

President & CEO

Passages, Inc.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent participation in USDA Rural Development’s Indiana State Meeting. The employees who participated in your segment have spoken positively about attending your session!

We hope we will be able to collaborate with you in future training sessions.

Robert White

State Director

USDA, Rural Development

Indianapolis, IN.


My employees at Wesleyan Health & Rehab Center enjoyed Jake Gamble’s seminars. His topics were pertinent, interesting and thought provoking. Many staff members said they took something from the sessions that they could use in their everyday life and work experience. He knows how to hold the interest of front-line employees as well as management. He has something for everyone.

Patti Sveum


Wesleyan Health & Rehab Center


I highly recommend Jake Gamble as both a leader and educator. His delivery and subject matter is contemporary, engaging, and listener-friendly. I personally recommend Jake if you are considering him for training within your organization.

Cullen S. Gibson


TLC Management

Chief Executive Officer

Creative Health Solutions


Jake is an exceptional networker and presenter. He is a hard worker who loves to pull people together, sees their potential and motivates them to be their best. His focus on leadership makes him an asset to organizations. Jake is bold and highly motivated! I have known him for over 25 years and have always been impressed with his “can-do” attitude.

Rick Carder

Alumni Director – Indiana Wesleyan University


Mr. Gamble was recently invited to speak at one of our Network Centers to motivate those struggling with unemployment issues. His comments were focused and riveting as he provided encouragement and his expertise to those in attendance.

William K. Westafer, Ed. D.

Arbor Education & Training, LLC.


Jake’s training was very well received as participants appreciated the immediate practical application of ideas presented. Jake is an engaging speaker whose keen insights kept the audience riveted and the workshop moving. His depth of knowledge makes him a true asset as a presenter.

Kimberly Pinkerton, President

Wabash Chamber of Commerce



Jake’s ability to connect and communicate with any audience is extraordinary. You will be encouraged, motivated and challenged if your have Jake speak at your workplace, class or event.

Jack Brady

Indiana Wesleyan University

Assistant Professor/Coordinator

Criminal Justice Department

I have enjoyed getting to know Jake over the last few years and look forward to him growing into the professional speaking circuit. He has a great foundation of knowledge and experience that he utilizes to innovate and encourage those who hear him speak.

Monty Henderson

SBDC Small Business Advisor, Purdue Center for Regional Development


Excellent presentation about a topic that everyone must master to achieve high levels of success!

Kathy Gerstorff

K & E Enterprises


Jake is a great speaker, leader and motivator. I have worked closely with him over the past few years and have enjoyed every minute. He is extremely professional, is a hard worker and I would recommend him to anyone.

Crista Tharp

President, Tharp & Associates Event Planning


Thank You – Time of renewal mixed with fresh thoughts and ideas.

Dan Gray

Wabash Tobacco Free Coalition


Good message. Made me think about ideas of leadership and servant leadership. Non-attenders missed a great seminar!

Kathy Jones

First Farmers Bank & Trust

Wabash, IN.


Working with Jake is, and has been, an awesome experience. I have enjoyed several polished presentations and he has a true insight into what it takes to make it in this world both personally and professionally. A true pleasure. Thank you Jake for all that you have done for me and many others.

Johnnie Firari

YouGo Network



Jake Gamble has proven himself capable of teaching a broad array of business courses. Grace College was pleased to rely on him in our prison extension where he was a fine teacher.

William Katip, Ph.D


Grace College


Jake Gamble served as one of a very few main teachers for the Grace College Prison extension for five years. He was flexible, willing to teach at several maximum security prisons, and he was consistently admired by the men he taught. Grace offered a business degree and Jake taught many of the business courses. I have been in his class to see this first hand and have read hundreds of student evaluations that confirm this. This position ended only because the State of Indiana revoked the contracts with all six colleges.

Dr. John Teevan

Director at Grace College


As Director of Distant Education at Indiana Tech, it is my privilege to recommend to you a member of our teaching faculty, Mr. Emery (Jake) Gamble, and to write this letter on his behalf.

Jake has been teaching courses in our online (Introduction to Psychology) and Independent Study (Organizational Behavior) programs. He is one of our most popular and effective instructors. Reaction to Jake’s performance has been overwhelmingly positive- so much so that more than once Jake shared with me his students’ email messages thanking him for his dedication in teaching and his caring for students’ academic advancement.

Jake is always punctual in following the administrative procedures and communicates in a timely manner. His cooperation with the distance education administration helps us maintain an efficient operation. Additionally, Jake never hesitates to share his ideas and observations with me. After he finished teaching the Introduction to Psychology course for the first time, Jake suggested refining the course. We accepted his suggestion and the course content, as well as its delivery, have been improved.

Although I’d like to see Jake devote fully to Indiana Tech’s distance education course teaching, I do respect and support his desire to explore opportunities teaching at other colleges and universities. I am convinced that by expanding his teaching environment, he will gain much broader perspectives, and, in turn, will share his experience to help Indiana Tech assess and improve its distance education practice and operation.

I highly recommend Jake to be teaching faculty at your institution. Your students will greatly benefit from his instruction and interactions.

Benjamin Lee, Ph.D.

Director of Distance Education & Associate Professor of Computer Studies

260-422-5561 X 2225


I just wanted to say, “Thank You!” Your class was a wonderful learning experience and I feel that I have learned a lot from you. I now feel more comfortable speaking in front of others that I do not know. You have given me the confidence to excel in this area of my education. And I fully believe that it is all contributed to the guidance and support that I received from you.

I enjoyed every minute of your class and wanted to let you know that I feel like you are an asset to the University.

Once again, “Thank You!”

Emily B.

Adult Student


Both Jake and I served as adjunct professors for Grace College, Winona Lake, IN in their Prison Degree program at both Miami Correctional Facility and Indiana State Prison. We both taught business courses to the prison population who were working toward either an Associate or a Bachelor’s degree. I found Jake to be a very willing associate in providing insight and assistance to me in developing effective prospectuses for my courses when I began teaching in 2009. I was also impressed with my students comments concerning classes they had taken from Mr. Gamble. He was highly respected and regarded for the information he imparted to his students. I value his friendship, his depth of knowledge and his heart for teaching.

Larry Embling

Adjunct Professor – Grace College


Jake is a very organized and enthusiastic business course teacher who is able to both focus on the fine details of running a business while at the same time visualizing the big picture. He knows his field well and his students greatly benefited from his wide variety of experience especially in the field of leadership.

Jim Hill

Assistant Professor, Adult and Community Education, Grace College


Jake is driven and ambitious and applies those characteristics to the classroom. His students are empowered to do their best because he expects the best from them. He applies the leadership skills that are necessary to encourage and motivate his students to become strong leaders and in turn, students learn what a great leader is by his example.

I am proud to recommend Jake for whatever new endeavor he is pursuing or for all the current ones he works hard to accomplish. I am in awe of his abilities. His entrepreneurship spirit and passion provides him with all that he needs to help others and organizations develop into great ethical leaders in their field.

Pam Fech

Enrollment Manager

Indiana Tech


I have worked with Mr. Jake Gamble in a professional capacity for some five years. We taught together in the prison extension program for Grace College (Winona Lake, IN.), and then I was a Site Coordinator for one of those programs in which Mr. Gamble taught.

I can recommend Jake for his ability to teach a wide range of business classes with competence and consistency. He taught almost all of the business courses in our Bachelor’s curriculum. He worked hard in preparation and delivery, and stayed current with research in his field. This instruction was often accomplished under less than ideal conditions. Interrupted timetables and inadequate equipment were common problems in prison education. He adapted to the challenges and got the job done.

Jake established a relationship of respect with the students. They appreciated his breadth of knowledge, ability to communicate, and commitment to them as men who had value and dignity.

Teaching is more than a job for Jake.

He will fit well into your business education program.

Dr. John French

Grace College Site Coordinator

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